Boys Baseball

Baseball season has begun for the boys at Rancho!

During Spring Break, all the boys from both JV, Varsity, and Freshman are going to L.A for a tournament and hoping they can pull a win.

The first game that the Varsity Boys played was against Wood high school. Jared Zang, #12, had a total of 3 strikeouts and a .333 batting average. The boys lost 7-3, but hoped to win their next game.

The JV boys also played at Wood High school and lost 4-2. Riley Cronin, #22, had a .333 on base percentage and 1.0 fielding percentage.

The Freshman boys had their first game at Heritage high school and had a close game. They lost 11-8, but the players played extremely well for their first game.

Keep up the great work athletes.

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