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Chris Munoz, 11, with a current project.

Woodshop, taught by Mr. Hartman, is a very skillful but exciting class. Though it’s loud and prominent, not many people on campus are familiar with the work which takes place in the class.  It exhibits the skill sets while providing its students with the knowledge of wood construction. A second year student, Chris Munoz (Junior), gave a brief interview which can give anyone an inside scoop on the action that takes place in Rancho’s Woodshop.

He first boasted about the class, saying how fun it is, also stating that his favorite part is “working with nice, hard wood.” Chris smiled continually as he discussed the class, expressing his clear enjoyment of the subject. He makes the class sound quite exciting and useful!

Furthermore, when inquired about the classroom environment, he had nothing but great things to say. “Everyone is pretty chill and funny,” he said, as another classmate nodded with agreement. Peer Nick Thompson agreed, also admitting how fun the class is. Similarly, Munoz mentioned that “Mr. Hartman is pretty nice and cool.”

As an alumni to the class, Chris Munoz was able to give insight onto how beneficial the class is. He said that though he learned a lot his first year, the second year “helped a lot.” During his first year he made a cutting board and other things, but this year he’s advanced to making things as large and intricate as home decor. Recently Munoz built a nightstand and he’s currently working on a table. He admits that the items he gets to create are useful.

Though he is not working on the project, he did say how the Tiny House project is coming together well. the reveal will be exciting, giving us all something to look forward to.

Thanks to this advanced Woodshop student, Chris Munoz, students that aren’t enrolled in the elective can still get a tad bit of insight into the thrilling class that is Woodshop.

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