Senior vs. Junior Basketball Game

This years Seniors vs. Juniors basketball is March 16th, at 7:30pm. It’s only $2.00 admission to see which class will dominate the other. The Seniors and Juniors have always been rivalries throughout the year.

The Juniors and Seniors compete with one another in every game and and competition. The first competitive activity that took place was the Homecoming float. Each class worked extremely hard to make their float the best. Each class did an amazing job and they all looked wonderful.  The Juniors came out on top for this competition and were ecstatic about the win because this was the Juniors first win throughout 3 years.

Another competitive event that took place was the school’s annual Air Band. The Juniors worked extremely hard on Air Band and the Seniors too. The two classes worked after school until 11:00pm, doing decorations and rehearsing their scripts. Both performances were outstanding, but the Seniors came out on top with the win for this event.

The Senior vs. Junior basketball game will signify who is the final winner of this year. It is going to be an intense game.

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