Bomb Scare: A Week Later

RPPD on sight after the threat.

Exactly a week ago, Wednesday March 8th, our campus faced a chaotic and frightening scare. During the third period of the Late Start, the intercom bell rang at 11:43 P.M. “Will all teachers and students evacuate the classroom. Report to the Cougar Stadium and do not walk through the Quad, there is an issue regarding our safety, please leave classrooms and go to the Stadium,” one of our fellow vice principals announced.

Immediately, students and teachers came to the understanding that it was not a drill. Though this raised panic, Rancho students and staff handled it amazingly without frenzied panic or chaos. In unison classes exited their classes with teachers near by, and Mrs. Scardina could be seen in the Quad guiding classes away to the Stadium. Eventually by noon all people on campus were gathered in the Stadium waiting patiently for a verdict.

Ms. Carter occasionally reminded students to remain calm and thanked them for their cooperation while the Rohnert Park Police Department swarmed the Quad with search dogs.People remained on edge, but eventually Ms. Carter announced that students were to be dismissed for the day. In an orderly fashion, students were released by class.

Rancho students found a sense of community in the chaos, offering rides home to fellow peers. Later in the day it was made aware that an official had received an email regarding the possible threat of pipe bombs. Many found this odd, as only days before a after school an official received a call saying that there was some type of dangerous weapon on campus which led to the evacuation of all the athletes practicing.

RPPD on sight after the threat.

It is a week later and the campus has calmed down greatly. The day after the occurrence, RPPD was on campus quite prominently and tension was still in the air. However today whispers of the scare have faded.

It is still unknown who has made either threat, but the campus is safe and always properly prepared for any situation.

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