On Thursday the 23rd, Rancho held an Encore field trip in the mini gym for all Class Council and the ASB class. The field trip was an all day event that included games and activities to show the students how to help the students be more involved and have a better time at Rancho.

Two instructors, Norm and Becky, that are ASB teachers at other schools were invited to teach the students and share their stories about involvement. One activity that was shown was the two instructors placed out 100 cards on the ground and they told the students to get into a circle. Then the students were told to try and figure out how to step on each of the numbers one at a time under ten minutes. The first round of the game, they were allowed to talk and help each other out. Many people talked over one another and did not listen to everyone’s ideas. They succeeded in under ten minutes, but realized at the end that were more things they could have done to succeed faster. The instructor told the students that the whole point of the game was to listen to one another ideas and follow along with the activity. More activities were done based on listening to one another.

The last thing the students did was got into assigned groups and talk about what could be better at Rancho. All of the groups said involvement was the big thing about Rancho. They discussed how they could be role models for spirit days and attending sports events.

Throughout this field trip, many students that are part of Class Council or ASB, realize they are the school’s role models for involvement and keep the school unified as best as they can.   

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