Electives Fair

During this years Elective Fair, many elective classes got to show students what they they actually do in their elective class.

Classes like pottery, photography, art, drama, graphic design, ASB, and even fashion and sewing were there to show their own skills.

Fashion and sewing were showing their very own t-shirt designs using a screen printing device during the fair and handing them out to students. Students like, Michael Medina(12) and Jennifer Flores(12), are very passionate about fashion and shared their favorite thing to do in the class.  Michael described how sewing was his favorite unit of the year because he got to sew his very own denim bag for a final project. He admits that he is very proud of his hard work and proceeds to practice his sewing. Jennifer loves the paper work that goes along with the class. She is always inspired to write, so she has a enjoyable time writing about fashion or whatever else is on her mind. Both of them agree that Fashion and Sewing is a great elective to take.

Many elective classes were proud and eager to explain or show what they do in their classes. Everyone there provided useful information about the electives that made the students excited to take the classes this upcoming year.


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