8 Under the Radar Netflix Movies

Scene from "Moonrise Kingdom"

It’s often that we watch a movie we love over, and over, and over… But what if we get sick of it? In that case, here are some movies to fall in love with that you probably haven’t seen before?

  1. “Would You Rather”: A thrilling film where a young woman takes the offer to attend a dinner with the chance to play a game and win some money; her brother is sick and the doctor’s bills are expensive, so why not? However, there’s a catch: the game is would you rather, with a dark twist. It will keep you biting your nails, anxious for every second.
  2. “Adventureland”: This quirky comedy follows teenagers who take up jobs at a theme park. There’s laughs and love, as well as heartache. A good film for anytime.

    Scene from “Moonrise Kingdom”

  3. “Moonrise Kingdom”: A film directed by the critically-acclaimed Wes Anderson, it features adolescents who ran off love-struck, not to mention brilliant film structure and cinematography. It’s heart-warming and innocently satirical.
  4. “6 Years”: This movie is a stay-at-home-on-a-Friday-night type of flick. It’s a tear-jerker but a must watch, hard not to watch more than once.
  5. “Before We Go”: It’s a whirlwand, all about one single night. A woman misses her flight and stumbles upon a man who keeps her company through the night, and there’s a temporary love affair into dawn, ultimately a happy movie.
  6. “Hard Candy”: A total thriller, featuring a young and deceitful adolescent girl. She is determined to serve revenge to a creepy and infamous man, and she does it well.
  7. “Triple Dog:” A typical 2000s ‘chick flick’ featuring a group of high school girls who play a reinvented version of truth or dare, with dares only. Each player puts in a valuable item that they’re willing to play for; you get a dare and if you don’t complete it, the giver must complete it…if the giver completes it, the receiver shaves their head, but if the giver can’t complete the task, she shaves her head. It’s funny and exciting, with a little cheesiness.
  8. “Creep”: This film has the ultimate plot twist, so without spoiling the film, a videographer takes up an ad to film a man who is creating a video to give to his soon to be child, because the man is going to pass soon. However, there is a large catch.

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