Conspiracy Theory: FEMA Camps

FEMA is the U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency, and it is theorized that if/when the U.S. goes into a state of Marshall Law, FEMA will instill camps that resemble modern day concentration camps.

It has been observed that large department stores in areas have been abruptly shut down and in the time following, they began being monitored and regulated by the government and military services. Folks around the areas were told to leave the premises and people predict that these are training camps. Lists have been released of locations across the country that are training bases for the camps and/or stations which will be activated during Marshall Law.

A strong belief is that at the camps, people will be taken and held captive under concentration-like standards. Numerous threatening regulations are in the books to be authorized under Marshall Law, and all that is required is a presidential signature.

Should we be scared or prepared for the circumstances which could come with Marshall Law?

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