Saved By The Bell

As we are half way through the school year now, next year is already coming into the picture. Teachers and CRPUSD board members have been meeting with each other to discuss some exciting things for next year like a new bell schedule.

While it’s still being contemplated, there will definitely be some changes in Rancho’s bell schedule next year. Right now, according to multiple teachers here at Rancho, we are aloud to be in school. That’s the reason for our random minimum days and late-late start Wednesday.

In hope of fixing that issue, some plans for the new bell schedule include starting school later in the morning, and having a “tutorial period”. There are two different options being discussed on how they are going to fit this 7th period in. We are either going to have block schedule, with longer periods and only two or three classes a day, including the tutorial period, or take about 10 minutes out of each period to make time for the tutorial period.

When asked their opinion on these changes, students and parents all said they thought it was a good idea. “It is proven that kids that wake up later in the morning preform better academically, so it only makes sense to give our kids this chance to wake up later and do better.”, said a concerned parent. “I think it’s a great idea to have a study hall. Some kids have after school jobs or play sports so not everyone has the time to finish all their homework.” said junior Taylor Martin about the new schedule.

Overall, the changes being made for next year seem to be a really great idea and people are already excited about it.

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