Poetry Out Loud: Round One

Today, Thursday the 26th of January, the first round of Poetry Out Loud took place. This nation wide competition is quite unique; it allows high school students of all classes to participate. Students are challenged to choose poems that the program advocates for and recite them, as a performance, with passionate theatrics that bring out the voice and tone within the poetry. It began within the classroom, and students with the highest score of the class were chosen to present a second poem during the school-wide competition.

Miranda Peterson, 12

Nominees of all classes captivated the audience with the heart they put into their recitals and performances. The power came from their volume ranges, their body movement and expression, and tone. A pin could have been heard falling with the silence of the impressed crowd, and clapping erupted and filled the room with echoes of students and staff whispering about how well the students recited the poems.

A panel of teachers and staff reviewed each participants performance, scoring it on a number of different factors. One can only imagine how tough it was to narrow down one Rancho Cotate High representative from all the lovely students, but the final winner at our school was Dana Harrison, 12. She had a terrific performance that was highly expressive and impressive, and will continue on to the state level competition. The people of Rancho wish her the best of luck in her endeavor.

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