Conspiracy Theory: “The Simpsons”

A cartoon that’s been around since 1989 that nearly everyone is familiar with has recently shaken the media: “The Simpsons.” This show has recently been brought to the attention of many theorists who believe it has predicted the future. This theory centers around feats that occurred in the recent years which include the 9/11, the Ebola Virus, and our President elect, Trump. Within 3 episodes these moments have been captured years before they occurred. No one can explain why…

“To Surveil With Love”

Some believe these “predictions” are warnings, at least when pertaining to the attack and the epidemic. However, the “prediction” of Trump’s presidency could simply be coincidental. Other shows have predicted 9/11, including “Johnny Bravo”. But how? Why?

It is hypothesized that time travel could be an explanation, or maybe some other supernatural reason. Perhaps it’s coincidence. What do you think?

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