Art Club

Ever wonder what happens in Art Club?

Art Club is a club where you can relax and do whatever art fits you. The club meets every Wednesday at lunch in M-5 and is run by Ms. Rinaldi. Currently there are 10 people in the club and they are always accepting more people.

The Art Club was asked by the Junior Class Council to construct the mural for the Homecoming dance. The theme of Homecoming was “Catching a Dream”. The Junior Class Council told the Art Club to create whatever they though would match the theme. The club came up with a ferris wheel with a sunset in the back round. I asked a member of the Art club, Aleah Droker, how she liked doing the mural and how she likes being in Art Club. Aleah is a sophomore and it is her first year in Art Club. Aleah states, ” I really enjoy Art Club because I can relax and paint and draw with my friends.” Aleah’s thoughts on the Homecoming mural was, ” I thought it was super cool to be asked to do something that everyone at Homecoming would see. I feel accomplished in my part of the mural.” Aleah concludes the interview with stating she would want to do it again next year and is hoped to be asked again to paint another mural.



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