Literature Feature: Imperfection by Jose Godinez


Have you ever thought about the perfect world, it runs through my mind in a perfect swirl, the more I think about it the more it becomes plural, it’s like a beautiful vision a valuable pearl.

Sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up, and the more it sits there the more the vision crops, and you reach for it but it’s too far on top, guess I learned the hard way my dreams can’t stop. 

As a young man in this world you learn to live, you learn from mistakes and you learn to forgive, that’s why learning young is a blessing, it gives you time to expand your hearts gifts. 

So let’s make a change from dark to light, there’s always hope for those who live their lives in night, it’s so sad to see some are wrong and some are right, but nowadays we believe in certain lies. 

Open your hearts and spill the truth, step out of the dark and wear my shoes, and watch as bright light invades the work you do, for the things I say are hard to prove. 

Experience the hunger see if you survive, the poverty and starvation are only 2 things we fight, while your worried about a materialistic prize, we’re worried about families that might die. 

We’ve seen the poor struggling to be warm, I realized your selfish and care no more, I’m here to uncover the lies that are worth gold, but even gold isn’t worthy enough to die for. 

Time ticks by and all we do is sit,

It’s like we’re all sinking into the earths abyss, darkness taking over death throwing a fit, news everyday going from bad to traumatic. 

Imperfection is the definition of everyday, little ones can’t be happy no more play, in other countries they learn to strive in any way, for the dreams they have are destroyed by their fate. 

This government isn’t going no where with presidents, they just want the money of all the residents, they adjust the system  for their own purposes, they think we’re dumb to not notice this. 

We hear of war and how they try to fix things, but we realize they’re only hurting innocents, the news tries to hide this as if the systems rigged, and once it reaches us the story really hits. 

Is earth really our home you might ask? It’s being polluted by humans waste and trash, let us make a movement and stop this crap, no more hurting earth it gave us what we have. 

This isn’t a way to try to change who you are, but to activate all of your broken hearts, spread the word and show us earth is better than mars, the way things look we’re only tearing it apart. 

Red is the color of our blood not black, so let us act in harmony it’s what we lack, shifting from full power to full slack, I hate what we’ve become this world needs us back. 

Human race is like a pesticide, it rots the very ground that we abide, always taking the most nutritious side, ain’t leaving nothing else for those who need some life.

Some teenagers hurt themselves, it’s not their fault for the pain that they felt, they’ve gone thru the deepest parts of hell, and it burns them in the inside as it swells. 

Now we’re getting another problem on the rise, it’s called racism and it isn’t nice, it hurts some to the point of wanting to die, such a heartless thing to act upon in this life. 

Who’s causing all this discrimination?! Well the very people that live in this American nation, they claim to be Americans and own the land of the ancient, when clearly it was never theirs in the first place. 

Now we have a man named trump wanting the power, this song is for him if he hears this I’m only getting louder, I’m not cringing down in fear let him hear us shouting, As citizens we have no time to cower. 

So step up and don’t feel shamed, Donald’s trump is the only one who’s going to get played, and if you watch this Trump just know you’ve made, the worst mistake and that’s to mess with people that you hate. SimplyJG That’s my name.

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