Stop the Judgment, Spread the Unity

On Tuesday, November 8th of 2016, Donald Trump was elected as the United State’s president for the next four years. For almost everyone, that day went down in history. Not necessarily for a good reason though. Some people woke up happy to know they has a new leader. Some people woke up sick to their stomachs, scared and wondering what will happen next. Some people leave their house with pride, and some people can’t leave their houses without fear of being verbally or physically attacked. These fears, are all because of who they are, all because they don’t think like others. The fact of the matter is, everyone is subject to their own beliefs. What you like or believe in isn’t always going to be what everyone else likes or believes in. We all live individual lives, choosing what path we go down, who we are, and what we believe in. This election has caused a lot of tension and has drawn a definite line dividing our country. It has also brought out the worst in some people; both physically and verbally. The only thing we can do is come together in this time of distress. There is too much hate in our world right now. It actually brings people to tears reading about some of the hateful, racist, and sexist experiences that some humans have gone through in these past weeks. Despite our color, gender, or sexuality, underneath we are all made up of the same functioning organs and beating hearts wanting the same thing in life; to live and succeed. Crush any idea that implies someone of another race, religion, or sexuality is less of a person that you are because of who they are! No one should have privileges based on the color of their skin. You are only as good as you strive to be. Stop the judgment, stop the racism, stop the hate. We are all one, and we need to start acting like it.

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