Literature Feature: Connections Severed by IJ Hall

Connections Severed

I walk, I look, see, hear, and feel, with heart and senses; yet nowhere do I find real Nature. It dawns on me that we are hypocrites. We leave the luxury of a home to see Nature for awhile; never do we realize that real nature is unrestrained, unconfined, unaltered, and definitely is not what we consider it to be. While walking, I am called by a circle of trees to sit among them and be as they are; here I am embraced, quite literally, in the real ways of the world. I sit, legs mostly bare, in the spikey grass, acknowledging the spider on my foot, yet doing it no harm; why cause issues for a passer by that I should consider as brethren, seeing as its creed is also born of Mother Nature. My vision is graced by a colorless sky in the setting sun and the spectrum of Nature and all of its colors; my ears, not so luckily, are assaulted by cars, leaf blowers, planes and other death traps and creations of man. If I wish to find myself in the most natural setting, why must I face trees and have a steel lamp post waiting at my back line an untrained assassin, pausing in search of the perfect chance to murder the bond I try to form with She from whence I came? My thirty minutes pass me faster than Hussein Bolt, but in the time I spend, I come to realize it is near impossible to achieve true solitude in Nature, whilst surrounded by small reminders of man’s existence.

Details: 5:45-6:15 Outside of Baseball Field at Gholis Park.

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