Literature Feature: Cheating by Jose Godinez


It hasn’t been once or twice you caught her lies, she sneaks past you during bedtime, in your moment of sleep when the moon is high, cheating is a game she learned to live right, it’s no lie her love for you has burned away in time.

I can’t think straight I can’t sleep well anymore, I woke up one night and my girl wasn’t home, I felt the sheets of my bed and they were cold, is she alright I asked my mind as images bore, could she be playing me or is it nothing more.

Sure about one thing but unsure about another, I saw her cell phone it was ringing with a number, I picked up the phone and heard a voice that made me shudder, dark and alone I needed her she was my lover, I replied back and screamed but it hung up with a clatter.

Getting out of bed I needed to find my wife, an imperfect human is her by another mans side, anger building up like nothing else inside, i got outside turned on the car and took off without a might, I loved her but did she love me back was in my mind.

Pain and agony rising in the air, my baby girl was what I wanted and the night didn’t help, I couldn’t forget her usual looks beautiful bright like a flare, rain drops pouring down like my tears down my hair, if she was cheating my heart will shatter with one stare.

Looking in her eyes I realized she had done something, it wasn’t hard to notice she had been with him, I knew that man since my girl got a new job at great clips, I didn’t feel he was a threat to our relationship, but now I know why my girl leaves late like this.

Hiding in the darkness I saw her holding a hand but it was dim, I […] started to approach him, I felt revenge building up and I couldn’t forgive the sickness, I was blinded by a bright light covering her dress, she looked so pure but she was so full of sins.

To my eyes she hid the true way she was like an obscurity, I started feeling in my heart a sense of insecurity, sometimes anger is worse than what you think is the amenity, imminent death approaching no reversibility, I stabbed and watched him bleed out his negativity.

I didn’t feel remorse he took what I loved the most, he used her in ways I never thought so cold, not even I took advantage of my girl in such a mode, I pulled her away from him and started running through the storm, my face full of blood and tears from the cold.

The tears freezing on my face my heart began to break, I couldn’t keep running as I broke down like clay, I was sinking and I looked into her face, was my life finished I began to feel insane, I closed my eyes and all I remembered was her tears falling in my place.

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