Clowns in Rohnert Park?

A trend that began as a harmless hobby has taken on a dangerous persona. Clowns.

Clown spotted in South Carolina.

Clowns have been around as long as time, however after the 4th season of “American Horror Story: Freakshow,” people found inspiration in the gruesome character “Twisty the Clown”, dressing up in similar intimidating clown costumes, loitering around towns in the dark. However, this was a harmless act, only meant to give people some chills.
2016 has taken this trend to a new level, a dangerous one at that, fueling fear and terror in cities across the US. The revamp of this clown fad began in the late days of August, in a small town of South Carolina. Threatening clowns were lurking in the woods, trying to lure children. This news traveled quickly, reaching media outlets local to even the West Coast. With this overwhelming mass of stories being spread, inspiration was too. And with this came chaos.

These stories stirred in our own conversations in classes and at home, with awe and interest, as it fits the air of spooky October. Rumors built up like a game of telephone, but no one expected this trend to spread the way it did.

First reaching the Bay, the chaotic clowns have now reached our very own Rohnert Park. With posts being made on “Clown Sightings” pages for the US, announcing sightings in our town, a mixture of excitement and fear have taken over the community, all with a dose of skepticism. Supposed threats have been made by the clowns, and our local police have been posted and prepared. Speculations even went so far that CRPUSD sent an email to all CRPUSD parents and guardians, letting them know not to fret, that they were also prepared for anything that could happen, keeping it a safe environment for all. Furthermore, arrests were made on October 6th at our local college, SSU, of two male clowns who had been chasing around students on SSU’s campus.

As October continues on, it can be expected that more of this ruckus will occur, but the community should go on with their regular daily activities without fear. As Halloween comes to an end, hopefully will this silly-turned-scary trend. With that being said, stay safe and have an awesome October!


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