Socialism’s Killer Isn’t It?

Seeing as how a great many of my peers have fervently taken to supporting Bernie Sanders, a self described Democratic Socialist, it might be beneficial to take a look at the results of socialism in action. In South America, the country of Venezuela operates under the socialist regime of the deceased Hugo Chavez. Excuse me, I mean used to operate. Now the entire country is awash in corruption, extreme poverty, rolling blackouts, and vigilante justice. And not the Batman kind of vigilante justice that the American public is enamored with. Rather, a man was chased, beaten, and then burned to death for allegedly stealing the equivalent of five dollars on the street. Burned to death. And the kicker is onlookers either cheered the attackers or simply went along with their business, no one thought publicly burning a man to death without proof was distasteful in any way. Sadly, this is not uncommon in the nation with the world’s highest inflation rate.

The economic situation in Venezuela is bleak. Bleaker than bleak. It is actually so bad that starving thugs are breaking into schools to take the children’s lunches. The capital, Caracas, is now one of the most murderous cities on Earth because the government can no longer afford to police the streets. Recently, a suspect was caught with a freaking bazooka! It is literal anarchy in the former socialist darling. Gang fights now consist of not simply knives and handguns but hand grenades, the sounds of which are no longer even unusual. This is not a country with no economic prospects, this is a country with the world’s largest natural oil reserves which would usually guarantee a booming economy with massive growth even despite the oil plunge. Rather, the socialist experiment has failed to produce any meaningful wealth production and has led to food shortages, budgetary shortages, and even shortages of basic medical supplies. Perhaps we should take a lesson from Venezuela and avoid trudging down this doomed path.

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