Every year Dance Club and student dancers come together for a fundraiser. The fundraiser lasts two days and consists of dance performances by the students. The money made helps the dance clubs continue and buy new supplies for the dance department like speakers, CD’s, and wardrobe. For the students that take dance as a subject, participating and performing in the Dance Concert goes towards their final grade.  

This year the dance concert will take place in the Multi-Use Room. Friday  the 20th is the only day it will be held, it will begin at 7:30p.m. The entrance cost is $10. The dance concert is named “Pulse”. Most of the dances are choreographed by Rachel Evans and Alejandra Zuniga, however some dances were choreographed by the students. Various dances will be performed, including one from the Senior Rally.

Don’t miss out on the Dance Concert. Remember this is the only opportunity to support RCHS dance club.


Rachel Evans and Alejandra Zuniga help lead and choreograph most of the dances.


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