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With this Mask, I am Yours

With This Mask I am Your’s By Xiomara Almirol

It’s a dark night and you’re all alone

I watch you from a distance

As I follow you home.

I only want you to be safe

From all the harm in this city

You are worth a chase

After all my love.

Someone catches your eye

You see that it’s me

Though what you see is a lie

I am not what you think to be.

I’m scared I’ll disappoint you

With what’s under my disguise

So I display a smile

That would usually tremble when you see my real eyes.

With this Mask I am Yours.

I am confident

Witty and brave

Intelligent and strong

While a piece of fabric rests upon my face.

If I take this off

You will see

The real girl I loath to be.

I’m clumsy

Shaky and torn

I try to stay still

But in my body there’s a great storm.

Though I am nice.

And thoughtful too.

I just hope…

That will value to you.

With this Mask I am Yours.

But what about without?

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