The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

I know this is a bit late but a lot happened in the episode along with a cliffhanger that left many fans speculating what happened and who died. The Walking Dead has been doing the whole cliffhanger thing since the mid-season premiere and many fans have been very disappointed. There’s been a bit of backlash towards the producers for not ending the episode showing who died.


It was however one of my new favorites because the infamous Negan from the comics shows up and makes his mark. Earlier in the episode we see Morgan trying to find Carol and when he does he actually kills someone. He went from a non-killer to having to kill to defend someone he loves. I thought this was a perfect moment for his character because it’s showing how he’s evolved over time and now realizes what has to be done, has to be done.


After almost the entire episode Carol shows up and is shot twice, one in the leg and one in the arm. Just as the audience thinks she’s gonna die, someone from the Kingdom shows up. This could indicate that in season 7 we may see that new community added to the show.

This would be a huge step for the show because in the comics it introduced a legendary character and that character may very well be added to the show.


At the end of the episode we meet Negan the character that has been teased every since the mid-season premiere. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays the character perfectly, he acts and just looks like the character. He made severe impact on the characters but the only bad thing is he killed off a character and we have to wait till October to find out!!! Most fans that have read the comics think it’ll be Glen again but only time will tell. I personally hope it’s not Daryl because he’s my favorite character.
Overall I really liked how they introduced Negan and showed just how scary the Saviors truly are. I give this episode a 9/10 because they left on an unnecessary cliffhanger that will leave fans speculating for months.

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