Student Creative Writing of the Week

The Fishing Trip By Haeli Wortman

Downstream I sat in the pouring rain

All I had was my boat, a pole and some bait

The raging splashes of the rain calmed my soul

Until I felt a yank on my pole

I had to be agile if I was going to win

I’d been waiting all my life to reel this one in

The battle was fierce and fought well by both ends

But my will was stronger than my opponent’s had been

With a jerk and a pull I was up on my feet

Wrestling with the biggest fish I’d ever meet

It took me a while, but at last it was done

I fought with this fish and finally, I had won

Like in any good fight, you shake hands at the end

So I took a good look, then threw him back in.

I never snapped a photo and many ask why

After all, I had caught the biggest fish alive.

But I couldn’t have kept the photo no matter what

Because once I caught that thing, I woke up.

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