Student Creative Writing of the Week

Travel By Haeli Wortman

Heavy luggage being pulled with adrenalin

The aroma of coffee is what got you out of bed.

At 5:30 AM the road is all yours

The airport is just up ahead.

You wait in line, scan your ticket and go through the security check

You board the plane, fasten your seatbelt and wait for what comes next.

The plane takes off like a bullet being fired into the clouds in the sky

You wait on the plane to get to your destination, excited for such a good time.

The plane finally lands, you gather your things, and off you go to explore.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, there’s always something in store.

That final day comes, your trip is over and you’re about ready to see home

You had a great time, and can’t wait to share all of your photos.

You board the plane once again with your luggage a mess all in the same routine.

On the way home, way up in the air you sleep with your new memories.

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