The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep. 15 Review

During this episode we see the group split up and a fan favorite die? This episode raised some questions among fans like, why did everyone leave if they think they may get attacked? They never get attacked but that’s not the point. This was kind of a huge plot hole in a way because what if they did get attacked yet none of the main characters were there to protect it. Plus fans weren’t expecting much from this episode because it was more of a filler episode.


Not much action happened in this episode till the end when Dwight shows up again. Daryl is trying to find Dwight because he caused Denise’s death and needs some closure. Carol also leaves Alexandria because she hates killing people. I think this is an interesting story arc the writers have set up for Carol because in the comics she died at the prison and now she I think they have something great going.


Rick and Morgan head out to search for Carol and don’t find her, but they do find a guy with strange looking armor. People who have read the comics have speculated that this guy could be from the Kingdom, another community that the Hilltop trades supplies with.

At the very end of the episode fans were left awestruck as many saw their favorite redneck (Daryl) ¬†get shot. We won’t know for sure if Daryl survivors or not but until the finale airs but most fans cannot wait to see what happens to our favorite band of survivors.
I’d give this episode an 8/10 because there doing a really great job at setting up Carol’s new story arc and just the ending of the episode in general.

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