The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep. 14 Review

This was an episode that stayed true to the comics but also spun it around and made it its own. The Walking Dead is well known to introduce memorable characters such as Daryl, jesus and others but some of the best characters always come from the comics.


All the way back in episode 6 daryl ran into 3 characters that took his bike and drove off, but one of them came back…. His name is Dwight and he’s another outstanding comic book character that now has a burn on his face. The Saviors are popping up more than ever before in these last few episodes but most people want to see the big bad Negan and his barbed wire baseball bat named lucille.


This episode mainly focused on Daryl, Denise, and Rosita who all go out on a run looking for supplies. Eugene and Abraham also found a place from the comics as well, a place where (in the future) Eugene manufactures bullets and trades them between other communities. There was more people than zombies in this episode.
Towards the end of the episode Dwight shoots Denise through the eye with Daryl’s crossbow which was something I wasn’t expecting but it also happened differently in the comics. Instead of Denise dying Abraham died in the comics, but this leaves plenty of opportunity for the future especially because he can grow more as a character now and he’s not dead. Overall I liked this episode because of how they introduced Dwight and how they set up things for seasons to come. I would give this episode a 8/10.

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