Student Creative Writing of the Week

In By Xiomara Almirol

Closed doors

Doors that shut

Shutting out everything

Everything outside

Outside that vault

Vaults are where I hide

Hiding from humanity

Humanity haunts

Haunting the figures of my past

Past that safe place

Place that is in…

In my comforting mother.

Hush she would say

Saying that there’s nothing to fear

Fear never fazed me.

That is until

Until she left me.

I hope to find her

Her heart and spirit

Spiritually being connected.

Connected with her.

I am in pain

Pain that will never cease

Cease my life?

Life gone is my retreat.

Yes I’ll do it.

It will heal

Heal me from my grief.

Grief that my mother will aid.

I’m home mommy.

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