What Are We Doing About Bullying?

What is the definition of a bully? Though there are millions of different outlooks and opinions,  it’s mostly using your words, size or even strength to intimidate another person. More than 70.6 percent of of the younger population are bullied in the US, and the result is now the third leading cause of death is suicide among young people. Schools are the heart of bullying, its source.Most schools, such as Rancho Cotate, are doing something about the bullying problem amongst young people. The vice principal, Mrs Scardinia, is doing her best to make Rancho Cotate accommodating  and safe environment.  Despite her efforts, and the effort of millions, there are still students who are afraid to come forward because of the fear of their situation getting worse.

Bullying comes in many different forms, and every one of those forms is wrong. Here are a few examples, which happen to be the most common forms of bullying, are verbal, physical, cyber and hidden. Physical is by far the worst, hitting, kicking, punching pushing and or damage of property. The verbal although hurts in a different way, it hurts your pride and self-confidence.

Mentally it is the most painful type of bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying somebody with a social website which sometimes means writing hurtful comments and posting embarrassing videos or photos. The final covert or hidden bullying, this includes lying and spreading rumors, including others to socially exclude someone and damaging someone’s reputation or social acceptance. These four types of bullying are what causes a lot of the people to be depressed and caused 29 percent of kids in high school to drop out, according to Ellen Daniels from the University of Virginia. People are not getting an education because people spread rumors, tease, hurt, and post embarrassing photos and videos. Though this is the problem in most schools the Catamount believes that one day people will rise above the teasing and spreading of rumors just to hurt one another.  


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