Bernie Sanders is (literally) looking for a miracle

Despite lagging behind Hillary Clinton in the polls a mere week before the important New York primary, Bernie Sanders is nowhere in the state to be found. In fact, he is currently spending time in an area with exactly zero delegates up for grabs in the Democratic nomination for president. However, this 109 acre country might have just what Mr. Sanders needs in this election. A miracle. Yes, Bernie is currently in Vatican City hoping to meet with Pope Francis, and discuss economic inequality at a conference with church leaders.

Mr. Sanders truly does need a miracle to overcome not only Secretary Clinton’s pledged delegate lead, but also her ginormous advantage in superdelegates. New York however does not seem to be his salvation, with him trailing by over ten points in most polls. So perhaps it makes sense for him to do the one thing that might be able to push him over the top, namely appealing to the Almighty.

The move has divided political analysts, some who say that the move will help him win Catholic votes while others insist that taking time out of the cycle before the primary is a “misstep.” Either way, Bernie and his team insist that this is not a political move at all but an opportunity to spread his message about democratic socialism to a global audience. Whatever comes out of this visit, one thing is sure, Mr. Sanders now recognizes that he needs some sort of divine intervention to win this race.

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