Student Creative Writing of the Week

Sun and Moon By, Haeli Wortman

We want to experience bright summer days

Darkening our skin in the sun’s welcoming rays

When the world is warm, children are at play

We prefer the sun

When the moon comes out, we hurry inside

Away we go to run and hide

We’re in desperate search of some sort of light

So the moon sighs and leaves

When the sun is out, so are we

When the moon comes out, we go to sleep

Though warm days are nice you must see

The moon brings out much more

Accompanying the moon are millions of stars

Some are near and some are far

You may even see planets if you try real hard

Although a telescope might help

Above our heads are things unexplored

Ominous black holes and diamond planets like white dwarfs

There are galaxies for miles, you’ll never be bored

When you’re staring into infinite

The sun, however, doesn’t want you to see

All the wonders up above you and me

Instead it blinds you, setting its boundaries

The sun tries to be mysterious

But the moon in the sky does not care

It gossips about things the sun won’t share

It opens the book and lets us read the text clear

The sun and the moon have never met


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