Review – Project X Zone 2

Developed by: Monolith Soft
Genre: Tactical role-playing game
Game System: Nintendo 3DS

Crossovers are an opportunity for several franchises to merge into one work. There are many ways that this can and has been done, although quite a lot of these ways are stuck to the realms of fan-fiction. This makes things all the more special when the companies that own those properties actually come together to make something of their own. Bandai Namco, Sega, Capcom, and Nintendo have all come together in the past in different combinations, but it’s happened relatively rarely that they all work on one game together. Now these four famous video game companies have come together once again in this… honestly rather strange crossover event.

The story goes, as much as I understand, that portals have been opening up throughout the world. These portals have been causing parts of the past, future, and alternate dimensions to merge into one time and dimension. So the people from all of these different franchises, including but not limited to Resident Evil, Mega Man X, Namco x Capcom, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, Street Fighter, Tekken, and most excitingly for me the long awaited return of the greatest commercial mascot of all time Segata Sanshiro, are trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

The gameplay of this game is pretty simple. Players and enemies are set out on the map in different places. Each character takes its turn moving around the map. If a player and enemy meet they have a fight, which basically consists of mashing buttons while the player does really cool looking attacks that appear to happen at random. These attacks do damage depending on which direction you attack at in the overworld, the front being low damage, the side being medium damage, and the back being high damage. If two player units are nearby they can help each other in battle with assist attacks. This gameplay is fun and means that strategy is required to play it correctly, but that is when the story isn’t getting in the way. There is a lot of dialogue between the characters before and after enemy fighting missions, although the dialogue is very entertaining. They also did a good job of mixing the different writing styles of the franchises. The goofy characters are still goofy and the more serious characters are still serious, and they work really well in this game.

meta-chartLet’s talk about the characters that have participated in this crossover for a second. Just the concept of these characters coming into contact with each other is just hilarious. On one side, we have Mega Man X, a super fighting robot from the 22nd century, then we have Segata Sanshiro, a martial artist who will throw you so hard you explode twice if you are not playing a Sega Saturn when he sees you, and also there’s Phoenix Wright, a lawyer who uses mystical powers to figure out when somebody’s lying and can also fight monsters in this game by pointing at them and yelling OBJECTION!” Those aren’t even the weirdest combinations, that’s just the ones from the franchises I knew about beforehand! I can’t tell whether the feelings of ridiculousness and awesomeness are stronger in my mind right now. I should mention that no company got more representation in terms of characters than any other as that completely pointless graph on the right shows, aside from Nintendo’s very small cast of three characters. At least Nintendo has an excuse because everybody in this game talks, and as everyone knows it’s a capital offense to make most of Nintendo’s main characters speak in complete sentences ever since the… Phillips incident {internal shudders}. We do not speak of that game. Although I find it interesting that Capcom was the only company that brought out their most famous mascot franchises, Mega Man and Street Fighter. With all these characters you couldn’t make room for SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog or Namco’s Pac-Man? Oh wait, they already had a crossover. Multiple times in fact.

Overall I really enjoyed this game. it had fun gameplay and entertaining dialogue that made for an enjoyable experience even if I honestly don’t recognize half the characters. I give this game a 7 out of 10.

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