Taking a Look at the Fruit Salad of Life

Ben Carson, the retired African American neurosurgeon turned presidential candidate, is of the opinion that Barack Obama is not “black enough” to empathize with the struggle of other black people in the United States. And you know what? He is one hundred percent right! For skin tones sake Obama registers only a 3 on the 1 to Black-Empathy scale! Preposterous! How dare he, a black man who has worked as a community organizer in the murderific city of Chicago, claim he understands the struggle of African Americans in this country.

And another thing! I’m offended that Marco Rubio says he can identify with the struggle of Latino Americans, when he is clearly a robot programmed to say whatever text is entered into his speech processor. And don’t get me started on Bernie representing young people! How can old people possibly know what young people want? Old people are very clearly out of touch and must not be listened to!

Wait a minute. I just had a thought. After a week devoted to understanding other cultures despite differences in skin color, gender, age, or whatever other petty guideline we divide ourselves with, perhaps we can subscribe to a novel idea. Maybe we can actually understand each other despite racial lines because we’re all people living in the same round rock floating in space. Surprisingly, Dr. Carson offered an interesting tidbit of advice at last night’s debate. He said that he would look into the “fruit salad” of a person’s life to determine who they really are. Perhaps we should all spend a little more time looking at each other’s fruit salad, might just make the world a better, more understanding place.

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