Religions in High School


Enlightenment and religion in Rancho Cotate High School?  Let’s take a look…  Most students aren’t exactly sure what religion they would subject themselves to, so they mostly just go with not being religious and/or just believing in what others believe in.  It’s always good to have some diversity in beliefs, even if you’re not religious.  Though, it’s imperative that one should figure out what they want and/or not want to believe in.

Diversity.  There are many students that are Christians and Catholics, but here at Rancho Cotate High we also have students with beliefs and religions of different cultures.  Such as the Muslim society, Jehovah Witnesses, Wiccans etc.  Having these students really open the minds of our teachers and fellow students.  Hence, one could possibly believe that’s why RCHS isn’t a uniformed religious school.  We, the students, have a right to figure out what we want and don’t want to believe in, our school gives us that right.  Even though it isn’t necessarily stated,it is a good cause.

Having this freedom is a great value, but there are some individuals here that sometimes take their beliefs to the next level…  It is okay to practice your religion in a worthy manner, but once one has an unhealthy relationship with their deity, sometimes they start belittling other religions.   The Catamount has interviewed a student once and they have stated, “I know many practice other religions, but those people are confused on what the right religion is.  I know mine is the right one.”  Yeah, that’s incredibly open minded and just what the people in our society need.  It’s okay to truly believe in what you want and to live by those beliefs, but that doesn’t give one the right to deprecate other’s beliefs/opinions.

On a higher note, it’s amazing that RCHS has–for the most part–an open mind about cultural variety and interests in what other’s have.  The students that the Catamount had interviewed were either religious or not in participation of an organized religion but they have stated that they will let others live the way they want to live life.  “Other people can believe what they want to believe in, that won’t stop me from believing what I believe in.” said an anonymous student.  Despite the fact that same-sex marriage is legal and almost everyone is okay with it now; many of our students stand 100 percent behind that legal right.  Although, the cold hard truth, some students may not support it, they can stand any way they want.

Acceptance is key to all of this.  That’s what makes this world go round…  Cultures, religions, traditions…  Live and let live.  We all may not have the same opinion/belief, nor may we all think the same and/or agree with each other.  That’s what creates more ideas throughout our societies and that helps open our minds.  If everyone were to just live by that, maybe the world will be a better place.  Even though, there is no Utopia….

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