Imagine you forget who you are, then what?

Imagine the feeling of forgetting who you are, literally. Imagine your entire life’s worth of memories drained in an instant. Imagine this lasting for 30 years. If this happened to you, you’d

be living the life of Edgar Latulip. Edgar Latulip recently remembered, after 30 years of retrograde amnesia, that he had relatives and an entire life back in Kitchener, Canada. It wasn’t till

he was 51 when he recalled his past after visiting a social worker on January 7th. After his memories started flooding back he remembered where he was from and that he left back in 1986

on a bus that stopped in Niagara falls. After arriving, Edgar was heading to St. Catharines Ontario he fell and hit his head and suffered a head injury severe enough to make him

completely forget who he was. Thirty years later after his memories started to resurface, the social worker who Edgar had been in contact with looked up his name and discovered Edgar

matched the description of a man who had been missing for thirty years. The case had gone cold and his family was without their son for what seemed like forever. Once the Niagara Falls

Police Department matched the DNA from one of his relatives, Edgar was finally going to see his family after thirty long years. Once the Niagara Police Department matched the DNA

, they contacted Edgar’s mother who they located in Ottawa. Silvia Wilson, Edgar’s mother, was overjoyed to see him. After not knowing where her son could have been for so long, Silvia

started to fear the worst. She was worried for her son in many ways, but mainly because as a child Edgar had been diagnosed with a mental disorder that forced him to think and act as a

child would. The last time Edgar was seen was in Kitchener was when he was 21 on September 2, 1986. Edgar is currently 51 and lives with his mother once again in a safe, happy home.

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