Has The Cure To Cancer Been Found?

Even after all this time, cancer is still a very difficult disease to cure.  Currently, most medications for cancer will slow down the overall progression of the disease, but, just like all treatments, the consequences can be overwhelming.  As Cancer first forms on the body, it starts as a single cell that continues to divide because of the cell’s defection, causing it to ignore hormones that the body may be sending it.  Ordinary cells may become defective if there is an error within the cell’s DNA, which, in the end, would alter or change how the cell is originally supposed to function, resulting in a cancer cell.  After a single cancer cell is made, the cell starts the process of dividing itself, which would eventually cause an overgrowth of tissue, causing the disease to become worse as time passes.

As the defective cells form, they will go unchecked by the body’s immune system because these cells are non-foreign to the immune system.  Although the cell is defective, it is still recognized by the body as a normal cell, thus letting the bad cell live without so much as a single disturbance from the human body.  Eventually, the cancer will begin to form, and it will have the ability to spread throughout the body or destroy any surrounding tissue in the process.  Most recently, a discovery has been made, which alters the body’s T-cells in order for them to actively destroy the cancerous cells from the body.  Currently, the survival rate for this new discovery is around 80% – 90%, depending on the condition of the patient.  In addition, the cure is thought to stay in the body for a lifetime, and holds similarities to a vaccine, which has come to be known as T-Cell Therapy.

Since the T-Cells for the cure are genetically modified to destroy cancer cells, the slightest, minor mistake can hold massive consequences.  Such mistakes can make T-Cells suddenly go rogue,  causing them to consume normal cells in the place of cancer cells, which results in a certain death because T-Cells will stay in the body for a lifetime as they multiply.  If the T-Cell therapy goes horribly wrong, the body may very well end up attacking itself, which would cause death to arrive quickly.  However, if the process is done correctly, the reinforced T-cells will have the ability to detect and successfully remove the cancer cells from the body. Once the cancer cells are removed from the body, the immune system will then recognize the cancer cell, which will, overall, allow the system to end the cancerous cell multiplication before it starts up again.

Even then, T-cell therapy is experimental, and it is entirely up to the patient’s discretion whether they want to put themselves through the process, or not.  Just as there are consequences for taking medication, there are consequences for the therapy, as well.

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