God Killed Scalia

According to conservative radio host Glenn Beck, our Heavenly Father bestirred himself recently to strike down a Supreme Court justice in order to motivate evangelical Republicans to go out and carry Ted Cruz to the presidency. Got that? God decided in his eternal wisdom to further the conservative cause by killing one of the staunchest defenders of that cause. Yes, this is most certainly how the Lord chooses to operate.

Instead of slaughtering say regional ISIS commanders or maybe Vladimir Putin, He decided to toss a few lightning bolts in the direction of a respected member of American society. Strange that the Heavenly Father would intervene now to kill a prominent member of society rather than in moments of seemingly more importance like, say, vaporizing Adolph Hitler in 1932. Or nudging Joseph Stalin off a building in 1945. Doesn’t that seem like a better use of divine lightning bolts?

Anyhow, assuming we accept that after thousands of years of civilization God has decided that now people’s liberties are sufficiently threatened to bestir himself to murder some mortals, we must then ponder his chosen target. If your goal is to get Ted Cruz the nomination and into the White House, why wouldn’t you choose to knock off Donald Trump who is easily the biggest impediment to that goal. But okay, maybe that’s too obvious. How about dropping a piano on Marco Rubio? Or Hillary Clinton? Or just giving all the people unlikely to vote for Ted Cruz a cold on election night. Next thing you know Mr. Beck will be saying the Zika virus is divine providence sent to keep pregnant women from supporting Hillary Clinton in the general election. The lord works in mysterious ways indeed.

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