Breaking the Barriers


By Catamount since writers Jerry Hernandez and Vincent Fraser

dna-163466_960_720Why do we, as self-aware beings, desire for human connection, interaction, and acceptance?  The truth may be that these traits are
likely built into our genetics, and also our way of life.
With so many humans on the planet at once, people have managed to split into various amounts of groups that actually cut off one from another, whether based on actions, appearances, or inheritances.  There is a question raised from this: if humans cannot remember the fact that they all have relative origins, why is it that we constantly search for  hostility within the nature of other beings?  

1849773554_37a4c18214_zTo explore this idea, the basics have to be considered.  Is hostility
inherited, or learned?  Why do we feel threatened by appearance, even before action?  But to understand this, we have to recognize our roots and put aside our differences.  We have to face the facts.  Although looks do play a big role in terms of comfortability and social adjustment, it has been evident for some time now that traits do exist with the instances of others.


How do we accept ourselves for who we are?  To this, one has to realize that the problem not only emanates from the individual, but from the whole as well.  The hardest thing about “breaking the barrier” is accepting that, although there are dilemmas, there are universal dilemmas within the same timelines.  In order to seek out the knowledge needed to understand this social issue, one must look upon their own roots and find out where they originate from.  There are sites that assist in this, such as,, and, that will help the wary bystander search for their hidden inheritances.    At times, knowing where you stand and where you come from drives deep into your own roots, causing you to further upgrade your own morale values.  Be warned.  Even though you may discover your origins, that has nothing to do with your own self-worth or capabilities.  Although it is the appearance that first defines who you are, it holds no relativity to the thoughts you are capable of- this is the barrier.  To be straightforward, your own private thoughts are simply reinforced by knowing your roots.  And in response, you recognize that even if your ancestors had succeeded, you can succeed all the more.  With that said, what’s keeping you from learning more?  


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