Women Athletes

ronda rousey

Girls sports… for a long time the rules were different about how society allowed women to play sports.  The rules were different and who was to play were different.

People (specifically men) didn’t think that female athletes were able to participate in the same sports as male athletes because women don’t have as much muscle mass, or there was a perception of women not having the same skills and talents as men when it came time to compete. An example of this is between the 1930s and today. Girls basketball was only played half court and the play period was shortened.

Today many women have proved them wrong (Ronda Rousey, Holly Holmes, Bethany Hamilton, Alex Morgan, and Serena Williams). All these are examples of strong women figures who have outperformed men on many occasions.

Athletes or most of them have put in a great deal of time and effort of their time and effort every day, and for most girls or women this task can be twice as hard. Women get pulled in many different directions and a lot of the time have more responsibilities than their male counterparts.  This is not because women’s brains are constantly thinking about everything that could go wrong in the universe. This is because women have other people to care for, who are always relying on them. Women push themselves to the ultimate limit; competitive surfer Bethany Hamilton lost her entire arm to a shark attack but that didn’t stop her from surfing, and almost winning the regionals when she was 13. It didn’t even change when she was pregnant; she was still surfing with the same skill and talent that she has always had.

Women have always been strong and independent figures that are capable of anything they set their minds upon. For so long people have limited them, thinking they can’t do more than take care of a small child and cook meals for families. Women have the intelligence and determination to do anything when they set their minds to it, so why were they held back for so long? They have been able to do more because of modern times, but yet people still doubt them. When you’re a little kid you don’t understand the difference between women and men because they are not that different. Why does your point of view change? Why does it make you think women are anything less than anyone else?

Women have sometimes been discouraged for being their strong, ambitious, intelligent selves. Though men may have a higher profile than women, this doesn’t mean we can’t do what they’re able to do. Women may look feminine, but they do have the abilities men have. We women can prove to be just as capable as men.


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