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the a list

The A-List Preview

Did you ever think you’d be the geeky girl, who didn’t get to live out her high school career because of jerks, but end up becoming a guidance counselor years later? Luckily for this lady she got the chance to take a peek at a popular student transcript noticing he is missing 5 credits from freshman year. To get him to graduate she blackmails him. In this comedy and drama movie, The A List, the guidance counselor, Sylvia Martin, forced the most popular guy, Eric Shultz, to fulfill her high school fantasies in  order for him to graduate in 2 months.

The A List is the list to be on at Lake O’Dell High School. If you were on that list you were a somebody, but if you didn’t appear on the list you were considered a loser or a no one. I love how they used social media as a key impact on the students lives because that happens here at Rancho Cotate too. Back when Sylvia attended Lake O’Dell High School she was considered a no one, she was never on the A List. She always hid her feelings in a journal. This journal contained the list she imagined to happen throughout her 4 years. On this list contained 4 specific wants such as date the quarterback, streak in the halls, be on the soccer team, and tryout for cheerleading.

At first Eric Shultz (Hudson Thames) didn’t like the idea of doing the list because all the things on the list were made for a girl to do, but later on in the movie he started to see the other side of things. He realized going on a date with a guy is normal, that streaking in the halls felt like freedom, being on the soccer team was something new, and trying out for cheerleading was something that has never been done before by a guy. Also throughout the time being he realized that being popular is nothing compared to being the real you.

To me, I believe this movie could have been better. Possibly the actors could have played the part as if it was actually happening to them instead of it being a part in a movie. I really enjoyed the plot, message and theme though. It captures actual high school issues like dealing with bullies, wanting to be “popular”, or be an athlete.

Be who you are for yourself. Don’t act like someone you’re not for “popularity” it’s all a disgusting label. Be different. Be unique. Be you.


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