Blood Drive

This was the official logo for the recent blood drive in Rancho.
This was the official logo for the recent blood drive in Rancho.

This was the official logo for the recent blood drive in Rancho.

Rancho Cotate High School has up to 4 blood drives that are arranged in the school to give the students an opportunity to donate. Whether you’re 16 and need a parent’s permission or 18 and can do it as you please, many students do like to help out the community in this way. Rancho Cotate High School has a great reputation when it comes to donating blood. The school is proud to say they have helped saved many lives.

The school works in company with Blood Centers of the Pacific that is located in Santa Rosa. On the last blood drive Rancho had, they donated 44 units of blood. The Catamount called the Blood Centers of the Pacific and spoke to Corley. He said, “We are very grateful for the donations we get from Rancho Cotate High School and the donors are anonymous as well as the patient’s receiving the blood.

The blood takes about 3-4 days to go through a process to see if it’s well fitted for a donation.” “Where does the blood go to for this process to occur?” Corley replied, “It goes to a blood center in San Francisco to be examined.” “If the blood donations are anonymous then how does the city keep track of how many times people have donated in order to get the Miller Keystone scholarship that the city gives out?” “Although the donations are anonymous, it doesn’t mean they aren’t being kept track of. Your donations are only anonymous to the receiver as well as you not knowing who your blood goes to. There is a part on our website where it keeps track of your donations. You print that out in order to be eligible for a scholarship.”

Rancho Coated High School students have been an amazing help to the community hospitals such as Sutter, Kaiser, Santa Rosa Memorial, etc. Although people aren’t allowed to know what patient is getting their blood, the patient’s and their families are grateful for your help. The community is proud to have the students who donate voluntarily. Even if they aren’t rewarded with money or scholarship. Keep up the amazing kindness and know that your community thanks you very much as well as the people whose lives you are saving. Donate blood and be an anonymous hero to someone.

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