Animal cruelty

Animal cruelty is abuse, neglect, and just plain mean. Most, if not all people see animals as their kids, and seeing them get hurt or neglected breaks people’s hearts. Animal cruelty is an evil thing and people want to stop it.


A man who did not mention his name said that his neighbor left for about two months and had left his dog in the backyard without care. So the man went to check on the dog and found it lying on the ground looking very skinny and thirsty. He got it some water but realized he needed to take it to the vet to get real help. He told me the dog was ok but never leave your dog without care for a long amount of time.


“I wouldn’t do this to my own kids, so what gives people the right to do this to their animals” said an anonymous person.


There are quite a bit of different cases of animal cruelty in Rohnert Park but not enough for police to really do something about. Santa Rosa has many cases involving animal abuse like starving and  beating animals. There have been 3 trials involving these things, some people don’t get it and they never will.


James said that his old friend used to be really cruel with his dog by constantly yelling and hitting it. James knew that he needed to get this dog away from him because he saw him go way over the line by locking the dog in a hot truck for over 4 hours. The dog is okay and is now living with him.


“To this day I still don’t understand why he did it, but I know it was wrong.” said James

Even he couldn’t figure out why someone would want to hurt an animal that won’t hurt you, if it weren’t for him that dog wouldn’t be around today.


Some or if not all abused, and neglected animals end up at an animal shelter, where they find loving homes and nice owners.


Animal shelters are depressing places because you see hurt and sad animals that want to come home with you. The stories that some of these shelters can tell you will almost definitely make you cry.


Julie from an animal shelter in Santa Rosa said that two years ago there was a box of puppies just left in a ditch with no water or food, there was also rubber bands tied to where there tails used to be. She said they were nursed to health but three of the puppies didn’t make it because of the heat.


Things like this need to stopped because if they don’t, who knows what’ll happen to more dogs and cats.

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