• Class of 2016 Varsity Football Seniors

Always Super Busy

All year ASB puts time out of there busy schedule on Mondays to inform all of the students of what is going on that week at Rancho. RCHS Catamount also works to stay updated with…

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Windows Vs. Linux: Servers

Windows By: Jerry Hernandez To start off the Windows Vs. Linux discussion, what gives Windows servers the upper hand over Linux is the fact that it provides a large amount of options readily available for…



Every year Dance Club and student dancers come together for a fundraiser. The fundraiser lasts two days and consists of dance performances by the students. The money made helps the dance clubs continue and buy…


Socialism’s Killer Isn’t It?

Seeing as how a great many of my peers have fervently taken to supporting Bernie Sanders, a self described Democratic Socialist, it might be beneficial to take a look at the results of socialism in…


The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

I know this is a bit late but a lot happened in the episode along with a cliffhanger that left many fans speculating what happened and who died. The Walking Dead has been doing the…


How Much Spirit Do You Have Left?

Prom was approximately a week ago. Meaning last week was the last spirit week to show love and loyalty towards the school. This means that the whole school should have been participating in the last spirit…